Map of Naples (Napoli)

This is a map of Naples in Campania, Italy.

Map of Naples
Important Places Sights/shopping Dinning Out Nightlife Worship
1. Ship Landing
2. Fleet Landing
3. USO Center
4 Main Rail Station
5. Circumvesuviana Station
6. Montesanto Subway (metropolitana)
7. Molo Beverello (hydrofoils & ferries)
8. Main Post Office
9. SIP Telephone Office
10. Castel Nuovo
11. Castel dell'Ovo
12. Castel Sant'Elmo
13. Duomo (cathedral)
14. Gesu Nuovo Church
15. Santa Chiara Church

Museums & Galleries:
16. Museo Archeologico Nazionale
17. Museo e Gallerie Nazionale di Capodimonte
18. Museo Duca di Martini/villa Floridiana
19. Museo di Palazzo Reale
20. Museo Nazionale di San Martino

37. Via Chiaia
38. Via Toledo
39. Via Roma
40. Via Scarlatti
21. Banana Split
22. El Bocadillo (South American)
23. Castello
24. Ciro a Mergellina
25. Ciro a Santa Brigida
26. Marino
27. McDonald's
28. Zi Teresa
29. Dizzy Club
30. Hard Rock Café
31. Jam Club
32. Teodoro
33. Baptist Church
34. Lutheran Church
35. Methodist Church
36. Synagogue

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