Map of Trieste

This is a map of Trieste in Friuli Venezia Giuli, Italy.

Map of Trieste
Important Places Sights/shopping Dinning Out Nightlife Worship
1. Ship Landing
2. Fleet Landing
3. Main Dockyard Gate
4. Train Station/tourist Office
5. Main Bus Station
6. Opicina Tram Terminus
7. Main Post Office
8. Telephone Center (24 hours)
9. Telephone Center (Mon-Sat 0800-2100)
10. Tourist Office (downtown)
11. Basilica-Cattedrale San Giusto
12. Castello di San Giusto
13. Museo di Storia ed Arte
14. Museo Ferroviario
15. Museo Morpurgo
16. Museo Revoltella

31 Corso Italia
32. Via Carducci
33. Mercado Ponterosso
34 Giulia Mall
17. Capri
18. Ghittone
19. Gianni
20. McDonald's
21. Il Red
22. Vulcania
23. BBC
24. Makaki
25. Mandracchio
26. Minipub
27. Vertigo
28. Evangelist Church
29. Lutheran Church
30. Synagogue

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